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5 Quick and easy pancake toppings

5 Quick and easy pancake toppings

So tomorrow is pancake day, and today I’ll share 5 of our favourite quick and easy pancake toppings.  Much of the ingredients can be found in a store cupboard and they are all very simple and quick to put together (though you may want to make the pecans in advance – they are worth it) .  We tend to use a mixture of these together with some of our favourite yoghurts, the kids get to top their own and make great creations.

This is what we do in our very own GF Brunch Club. The next one is in 2 weeks on 17th March 2019 so book quickly if you are in SE London – the last one was sold out in just a few days.


In the meantime make some of your very own buckwheat pancakes with the recipe here. and pick all or some of these pancake toppings. The pancakes are vegan and gluten free and fluffy.


Fried Bananas

Fried Bananas are such an easy thing to get together and they taste lovely. You can add some coconut sugar and cinnamon to them if you want, but personally I like them just the way they are. We fry them in coconut oil, but butter is fine too. Once fried they go softer and crispy on the outside and the have a much sweeter taste.


Healthy chocolate sauce

We have healthy chocolate sauce pancake topping on the go these days. We just top it up each morning in this mini saucepan. It consists of a tablespoon of coconut cream, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a teaspoon honey or maple syrup, and a couple of teaspoons of raw cacao powder.  Heat up coconut oil and honey very gently in small saucepan, then add the coconut cream. It just needs to be warm, not hot for everything to melt together. Give it a good stir and add the cacao powder and mix till any lumps are out. This goes hard quite quickly, which is great fun on anything cold – a bit like ice magic (if you were a UK 70 – 80’s child). If you want it runnier just warm it up on the hob slightly.  These go great with the bananas.


Chia seed berry jam

We use frozen berries at this time of year. Take a cup full and either defrost them naturally or heat them up slightly. If you would like a smoother jam, then whiz up the fruits. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds and a teaspoonful of honey to taste. Mash it up altogether and leave the chia seeds to soak in for 10 – 20 mins. Then give it another stir. You can make it a thicker runnier jam / sauce by adding more fruits and less chia seeds. Add flavourings such as cinnamon, cardamon or more honey.


Caramelised pecans

We use this pancake topping in our popups and they are very popular. They are not particularly healthy, but they are very crispy, sweet and moorish with made with coconut sugar and maple syrup. We use 2 cups of pecans, half a teaspoon ground cinnamon, large pinch of salt, 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, and 1 tablespoon of cocnut sugar. Mix together everything in a bowl until full coated, then spread on a baking paper on a tray and roast at 150C for 10 minutes. Flip them over and toast the other side for another 5 – 10 mins. Keep checking every 5 minutes. You don’t want to burn them. Once finished let them cool and they will go nice and crispy.


Honey, lemon and cinnamon

As my kids have pancakes very often, having some plain honey and lime on pancake day is a bit of a novelty and a bit of a twist from sugar and lemon. Try some with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cardamon on top. Delicious indeed.


Get Creative

Let me know what creations you make with these pancake toppings.  The picture above is one of my favourites made by my daughter. We love pancakes and will be posting up more of the kids creations on our Instagram tonight and tomorrow. Tag @eggainstthegrain and #eggainstthegrain for us to see yours.







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