Nutritious Gluten Free Food For The Whole Family

About Me

Hi there

I’m Nic, a mother of 2 young children with coeliac disease and my eldest also has an egg allergy. Since the first diagnosis in December 2013, our family life has changed dramatically. Cooking, shopping, eating out, visiting friends, play dates and holidays in a family where there are multiple food related issues has been daunting to say the least. This has led me to rise to the challenge, learn fast to make sure my kids have the best nutrition they possibly can.
I have always had a love of food since I was a young child, having the opportunity to eat out at different London restaurants and trying new cuisines. I even managed to chef in local bars and cafe’s in Brighton whilst I was studying for my arts degree to get me through my student days.
So in 2014 when both my girls were diagnosed, I started blogging Eggainst The Grain to help myself come to terms with the change of diet and also to document the journey for myself and others to learn from. Rising to the challenge, since then I have been on my own journey discovering about auto-immune diseases and allergies and how nutrition can help.  The best part of the journey is seeing my children thrive again, and this is what drives me to keeping them nourished to help them overcome the often confusing and difficult effects of the autoimmune disease and allergies. A part of this is teaching them about healthy foods, enjoying eating different types of food and how to cook from an early age. Not always an easy task especially when children go through stages of very picky eating, or stages of wanting to be like everyone else.
I invite you and your children to join me on my lifetime journey. I have learnt from and respect many different modern diets such as Paleo, Vegan, GAPS, Sugar free, Western A Price as well as from my favourite chefs. I take from all of these variations, though do not follow them in their entirety to create a largely nutritiously dense style that is both child friendly and accessible. My main reason for this is that I do not want to exclude my children from any foods, diets and social engagements any more than they are already.


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