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LEON – a review

LEON – a review
We LOVE Leon, it’s one of our favourite places to eat out. The healthy fast food chain has mainly been based in London, but looks like it is beginning to expand out with new restaurants in Oxford, Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester. Look out for them!
They are super allergy friendly and focused on nutritious food with a new emphasis on gut health. So you can grab a Kombucha or Kefir alongside your carb free dish if you like. Everything is labelled very clearly whether you are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan or nut free. There are so many gluten free options to choose as most the main dishes come with rice or without any carbs, the fries are also gluten free as are ALL the cakes with some also being vegan. The fact there is so much choice, everything is fairly healthy, very tasty and it doesn’t break the bank makes this a perfect option for us. If you are gluten free, you get to choose – which is what often doesn’t happen.
Leon cakes

For kids, its great. They have a kids deal which will set you back only £2.95 which gives you a decent size (not much smaller than an adults) fuss free meal box, a drink (bottle of water), also a menu to play games on and colour in and a pack of crayons.  The adults dishes are between around £5.50 and £8. If you’re on a budget you can basically feed a family of 4 for around £20 plus drinks.

No venue is the same. Our usual one is tucked behind the Tate Modern, which is very convenient for our frequent visits there. It’s bright and colourful with sofas and squidgy benches at the back, or you can sit inside or out by the brightness of the glass front overlooking the back of the Tate. They all have nostalgic photos dotted around and quite colourful interior so they are generally always a bit funkier and feel a bit homelier than most fast food chain stores.

What we ate

For the kids menu, ours tend to have the same each time at the moment. One has meatballs and rice and the other has chicken and brown rice. The kids portions come with both peas and broccoli. The broccoli is always al dente, which some kids may make a stink about but if they eat it at least you know they are getting some good vitamins in. Mine usually ask for a portion of fries too (which are baked and are gluten free too).
For the adults the menu varies quite often with new dishes popping up frequently. I had a chicken thai curry which came with rice and coleslaw. It was very tasty and just the right amount to keep me going for until supper. My husband had a Korean chicken burger which has the option of a gluten free bun. If you are on a super healthy diet there are options of  The Original Super Salad – Broccoli, avocado, cucumber, peas and quinoa with crumbled cream cheese which is super delicious and is what I often have for lunch on the go when I’m in town. And there are a lot of options without rice such as Naked Satay Chicken Burger Chargrilled chicken thigh with satay sauce and coleslaw.
The cakes are all gluten free. Some do have oats in and some are vegan. The ones I’ve had before are the brownie and vegan billionaire. Again they rotate these quite often so the likelihood of you coming back and having a different choice is very likely. They used to have yummy chocolates too, and also they used to stock Rubys Of London’s Gluten free and vegan cakes and doughnuts, but they weren’t there this time.
We’ll always come back to Leon, it is a refreshingly easy experience for people with allergies and gluten free. If you haven’t checked it out and you have one locally, then I’d urge you to go!
(This is a completely independent review from our experiences after paying full price for our meal. We have no affiliation with the restaurant other than being a paying customer).

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