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Mamma Dough – Arguably the best gluten free pizza in town!

Mamma Dough – Arguably the best gluten free pizza in town!

Mamma Dough has recently expanded and we heard through the grapevine that they have fantastic gluten free pizzas that were safe for people with coeliac disease, and the pizzas are totally delicious, arguably the best gluten free pizzas in town!!  Thin and crispy, and big! The same size as gluten pizzas which is a bit of a novelty as we often find they are much smaller in many pizza places.

Mamma Dough, formerly SODO pizza has been on our high street for a few years. We’d always walked past and always wished we could take our kids there. Previously as SODO they weren’t aware of very aware of cross contamination issues even though they had invested in a load of bean based gluten free pizzas to capture the apparently trendy gluten free market.

So, a few years on, just recently and just before my daughters 6th birthday, I was overjoyed (like I seriously was!) when I came across a review from (sorry wish I could remember and quote them) another GF blogger who’d been to the one on Brixton, she has coeliac disease, so I was surprised to hear it was safe.

I popped in prior to our visit to chat to the staff and they certainly took cross contamination incredibly seriously. The pizzas are now bought in pre-wrapped then frozen. They are quite large and nice and thin. They are prepped in a separate area then either baked in a separate oven at very busy times or put in the large clay pizza oven on a special tray that rises above the other pizzas.

When we went in it was 5pm and fairly quiet, which suits us as we’d rather have gf pizzas prepped safely before they get manically busy. After we ordered it did get full and quite busy, so we got in there just in time.

You can only have adult sized GF pizza, which suited us fine as the kids are now getting a bit older for child sized portions. We took home the remainder anyway and had it for breakfast, which is always a bit of a treat. After all who doesn’t like pizza for breakfast!

The birthday girl had the margherita, and my eldest had the cured meat without the chilli. I had the john o’ goat and my husband also had the cured meat. We all gave it a big thumbs up. The service was super friendly and accommodating, and the place was spacious, cool wooden decor and very spacious.  We will be back and quite regularly I am sure.



4 thoughts on “Mamma Dough – Arguably the best gluten free pizza in town!”

  • Absolutely wonderful picture of a gorgeous looking pizza. Heck, I had a vegan cauliflower homemade pizza for breakfast this morning but seeing this . . . . I would totally eat it for dinner!

    I do have to submit due challenge to the “Best Pizza” label though. Have you devoured pizza from Cotto Italian? Now I confess I have not had a Mamma Dough pizza, so I set myself to task for the comparison. I like this *job* 😛

    • Hi Benjamin, we haven’t tried Cotto yet, keep meaning too though. So we’ll try Cotto and you should try Mamma Dough – the challenge is on… 😉

  • . . . . returning with questions! Nic, do you know what flour is used in the kitchens? You probably know that Pizza Express, for example, use only rice flour in their restaurant kitchens for stretching out pre-made bases and this helps reduce the risk of cross contamination. Wondering if Mamma Dough have the same or similar protocol.

    Also . . . have to ask, are any of the desserts Gluten Free? Tell me the Tiramisu is Gluten Free. Please? 😛

    • They don’t use rice flour but they do prep the gf pizza’s in the back kitchen so away from the rest. I did tell them about Pizza Express using rice flour and they seemed interested. Not sure about the Tiramisu tbh.

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